Project: Freedom

“Freedom” is a project where we offer help to many homeless people that have become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Often they have no means of “escape” from addictions. We offer ways to be “free” from addictions and to bring them to a place of self-worth and confidence. This project is significant and necessary because of the amount of addiction that is rising in the homeless population. Please consider a donation today! Donate through PayPal by using our donation button on the “home” page, or if you would like to volunteer, you can do that through our “contact” page.

Project: Easter Dinner For The Poor

“Easter Dinner” is a project that is new this year for 2014. We are going to serve 450 people an Easter Dinner and also bring encouragement and hope to everyone that will come! Easter dinner will be just like our dinner that we serve over the Thanksgiving holiday. So many people who will not be able to afford this meal that many of us can. If you would like, you can donate to us or come and volunteer! Donate through PayPal by using our donation button on the “home” page, or if you would like to volunteer, you can do that through our “contact” page.

Project: “Home Run” (Ongoing)

This project consists of sending the individuals home to where their family is or to a location where employment is available for them.  Receivables are used to purchase travel for the individuals. The trip consists of a one-way ticket and meals provided during the time of travel.  Clothes bought if needed for employment interviews.

Project: “Families In Crisis: Thanksgiving Dinner”

This project is a new project for 2017. It is implemented during Thanksgiving time of year and will continue throughout the year.  The amount of crisis that we have witnessed this year we see many families are without food and are not eating healthy when they do. AOLF will make a difference in their life and diet!

Receivables are used to purchase the ingredients for a healthy dinner for a family in need. Each family will be given a food box with all the ingredients to prepare a healthy and wholesome meal.  All food is fresh from health-conscious vendors.


Project: “Birthday” (Seasonal)

This project is our Christmas outreach.  We provide gifts, such as socks, warm clothes, i.e., coats, jackets, shoes, sweaters, sleeping bags, blankets, and toiletries.  Receivables which, are used for all these gifts.  Also, a shared meal that will provide for the needy.  Food packages created with meat, potatoes, vegetables, dairy, and grain for preparation by individuals who have a home.


Project: “Hunger” (Ongoing) 

This project is our food distribution.  We consistently seek receivables to give out to people for their necessary food requirements.  Companies, such as Pacific Cookie Company, Google, Costco, and Corralitos Market donate to this project. There is always room for food on the shelves.


Project: “Warmth” (Seasonal)

This project is a specialized one that we use during winters months.  Receivables are used to purchase sleeping bags, tents, clothes, shoes, and tarps.

Project “Instruct To Succeed”: (Coming in Spring of 2014)

Receivables will be used to educate individuals so that they may be able to be employed and start a new life to be successful.  Job training is a necessity so the individual can have an opportunity to succeed.